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Concrete Pumps

Unlike any other concrete delivery company we have a fleet of concrete pumps that can be used if required to get the concrete where you need it. With one phone call you can order concrete and we can arrange the pump as well.

There are two types of concrete pumps, Boom pumps and Line pumps.

Line pump photograph

Line Pumps

Line pumps are the most versatile type of concrete pump, they have a small footprint and can be setup on nearly any angle. They have numerous sized delivery lines which can be used for filling cavity walls to pumping bulk concrete into slabs and foundations. Line pumps can be used on numerous job sites where there is simply not enough room for a boom pump to setup. The type of jobs a line pump can do are endless. Our line pumps carry 80m Line on them and more pipe can be arranged for those jobs where you just need the concrete that little bit further.

Boom pump photograph

Boom Pumps

Boom pumps are the most efficient method of placing concrete given the correct site conditions. Boom pumps are a crane like pump which are required to setup the outrigger legs on firm and stable ground, the ground needs to be relatively flat and the boom needs room to open up and be free from obstructions like power lines and trees.

The concrete pumps get used on many small jobs when you simply can't get a wheel barrow to where you need the concrete placed.

We have a pump for your every requirement, whether it is 2m3 to a cavity wall of 250m3 to a car park slab.