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Advanced Quote Tool

The tool below will help you estimate the volume of concrete you require, specify the type, and request a quote based on these and other details you supply.

This tool is geared towards larger jobs involving complex volume calculations. If you already know the volume of concrete you require please use the quote request form.

For the most accurate results you should work from on-site measurements, rather than building plans when determining how much concrete is required.

Please be aware that you should check the figures yourself before committing to an order.

  • Add Slab
  • Add Cylinder
  • Add Specific Volume

Add a Slab

Just fill in the blanks below and hit the "Add to list" button

Slab calculation diagram
Width M
Length M
Depth M

Add Cylinder(s)

Just fill in the blanks below and hit the "Add to list" button

Cylinder calculation diagram
Diameter M
Depth M
No. of Holes

Add Specific Volume

Enter the required volume in the blank below and hit the "Add to list" button

Specific volume example diagram
Volume M3
TypeSpecsValueRemove item
Total m3       


Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our quote builder, the results should be checked for accuracy by the customer prior to ordering (number rounding and/or other factors may introduce inaccuracies). Please see our terms & conditions page for further details. Call us now and we will be glad to answer any questions you have.